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ISO 14046 Standard Water Footprint

The ISO 14046 standard is about reducing the use of fresh water for production. Due to the application of this standard in industry, water is saved for the next generation. Water is one of the important natural resources in the world. Therefore, the application of this standard will determine the potential impact and control action will be taken to save water.

Our ISO 14046 consultants provide services that distinguish us from other companies in terms of our approach and total commitment to the project providing sustainable competitive advantage for the organization. Our work According to the standard, a water footprint assessment takes into account water consumption at all stages of a product's life cycle, from raw material acquisition to final disposal. Carbon Hints consultants support you throughout the documentation, implementation, training, internal audits and ISO 14046 Certification process.

We ensure that the implementation of the ISO 14046 standard is not just a documentation activity, but also a lifestyle for the organization that forms a basis for Total Environmental Management and an environmentally friendly organizational culture. Regardless of whether your organization is in the beginning stages of ISO 14046 implementation or in the middle, approaching certification auditing, or your system is well established and mature, our consulting services will add value to the overall effectiveness of your water management system and help water management achieve its goal of sustainable competitive advantage.