Carbonhints Greenhouse Gas and Climate Management Consultancy

Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Performance Analysis

To fully leverage sustainability as an advantage for any project, product or organization, it is very useful to have a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and risks at any point and time. This includes having the ability to assess key aspects in operations and the supply chain, particularly to determine the use of energy, raw materials, water and natural resources, as well as carbon emissions and waste. This is the only way to ensure that the end result is truly the most sustainable option.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is the systematic analysis of the environmental impact of fuels, products, structures and activities throughout their entire life cycle. A life cycle consists of production/construction, use/operation, dismantling and disposal phases. Environmental impacts are assessed comprehensively, including assessment of input and output processes associated with production (e.g. production of raw, auxiliary and operating materials) and disposal (e.g. waste processing). To achieve this goal, our experts investigate and evaluate the environmental performance of the project according to the criteria determined by the life cycle analysis, relevant guidance documents. It provides guidance to organizations on how to communicate the results of any analysis of environmental impact.