Carbonhints Greenhouse Gas and Climate Management Consultancy

ISO 14064-1 Standard Corporate Carbon Footprint Consultancy

ISO 14064-1 specifies organization-level principles and requirements for calculating and reporting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and removals. It contains requirements for the design, development, management, reporting, and verification of an organization's greenhouse gas inventory. Our experts ensure that your greenhouse gas emissions and reductions are calculated and a greenhouse gas inventory is created. Working to this international standard increases your credibility in the market and demonstrates your commitment to operating in a more environmentally friendly manner. Calculations, evaluations and reporting made by our experts show your determination in the greenhouse gas management system. By reducing your carbon emissions and calculating these reductions, you prove to your stakeholders your commitment to being a greener organization. Internal improvements are expertly driven by developing robust internal mechanisms to calculate and report greenhouse gas emissions. Future proofing will facilitate the development and implementation of your greenhouse gas management strategies and future plans.

Carbon Hints' experienced consultants help organizations build their greenhouse gas inventories by providing competency training, data collection and calculation technical support, on-site assessment and internal audit support for third-party verification, and offer flexible solutions to meet any specific demands.

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