Carbonhints Greenhouse Gas and Climate Management Consultancy

Greenhouse Gas and Climate Management Consultancy

Product Carbon footprint is increasingly used as a competitive advantage in sectoral markets. The ISO 14067 standard defines how the calculation should be done, how system limits are selected, including the use phase and end-of-life, and the principles, requirements and guidelines for calculating the carbon footprint of products. Greenhouse gases can be released and removed throughout a product's life cycle, which includes raw material procurement, design, manufacturing, shipping/delivery, use, and end-of-life operations.

Carbon Hints provides reliable and comparable parameters for organizations and consumers so that they can compare “apples to apples”. Competent experts ensure that calculations are made and reported by evaluating the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the life cycle stages of a product, starting with resource extraction and raw material supply, and all stages from the production, use and end of life of the product. In addition, quantifying a product's carbon footprint (CFP) advises on implementing activities to increase greenhouse gas reductions and reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout a product's life cycle.